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Los Destellos - Constelacion

Los Destellos - Constelacion

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The country of Peru is viewed by many of its people as three separate countries: the coast (home to Lima), the highlands (home to Cusco), and the jungle. Each region is not only different geologically, but also culturally, politically, and economically. While Afro-Peruvian and Crillo music are recognized as the signature sound of the coast, the mountains are famous for their Andean pan-pipe music. These affiliations date back literally hundreds of years and are deeply rooted in the history of their respective places of origin. However, the music most identified with Peru’s jungle is quite a different story. Peruvian Cumbia (cumbia peruana) or Chicha as it has been referred to as of late, came to fruition in 1966. It is the musical genre that most Peruvians recognize as the music of their nation’s Amazonian region.

Peruvian Cumbia is one of the most unique sounds of modern South America. It mixes the more widely known Colombian Cumbia with rock, funk, phsycadellia, surf music, Cuban Guracha, and of course traditional Peruvian crillo and highlands music. No single artist was more influential in the creation of this sound than Enrique Delgado and Los Destellos. Delgado, an incredibly skilled crillo guitar player was the first artist to take the electric guitar and make it the lead instrument in cumbia, earning him the nickname of “Father of Peruvian Cumbia.”

After the release of their debut single,“El Gatito” in ’66, Delgado continued to push the band in a more experimental direction which reached its pinnacle with 1971’s Constelacion. Today Constelacion is among the most collectable South American LPs known. Tattered copies yield top dollar on sites like eBay and discogs. Secret Stash is thrilled to announce the release of this, the first ever reissue of Los Destello’s ultra rare masterpiece. Each copy is hand assembled in our facilities; hand numbered, includes an MP3 download card of the entire album, and comes in a re-sealable dust bag.

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