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One-derful! Collection: Shipping

One-derful! Collection: Shipping

$ 20.00

The One-derful! Collection encompasses a series of six releases which we will be rolling out over the coming year. To offer convenience and potential savings on shipping, we are offering four shipping options.


One-derful! Collection Release Schedule:

Option 1: Four Shipments - your first shipment includes One-derful!, Mar-V-Lus, and M-Pac! then you will receive each following installment at the time of its release

Option 2: Three Shipments - you will receive two releases at a time

Option 3 Two Shipments - you will receive three releases at a time

Option 4: One Bulk Shipment - you will receive all six release at once.


Estimated shipping dates for each shipping method:

One-derful! - October 28, 2014 1

Mar-V-Lus - January 27, 2015 1,2

M-Pac! - March 31, 2015 1,3

Halo- October, 2015 1,2

Midas - January, 2016 1

Toddlin' Town - March, 2016 1,2,3,4