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One-derful! Collection: Subscription

One-derful! Collection: Subscription

$ 90.00

We are now taking pre-orders for the One-derful! Subscription. Over the next year we will release a series of six One-derful! compilations, with the first release hitting streets Oct. 28. More details below...

The Jackson Five Bonus 45 is only available through the One-derful! Subscription

-- The One-derful! Collection is a six volume series ( totaling 12 LPs or 6 CDs) featuring 147 tracks, 57 of which were never issued, and 144 pages of 12” x 12” liner notes stuffed full of rare and seldom seen photos. Each installment of the One-derful! Collection is available in 2xLP and CD formats, with the first 500 copies of each LP release including a limited edition bonus 45.

-- The One-derful! Subscription will bring you the six compilations, all six bonus 45s, plus a seventh bonus 45 - The Jackson Five's unreleased first recording of "Big Boy" - only available as part of the subscription! 


-- The Collection is also available in CD format. By subscribing to the CD version of the One-derful! Collection, you will receive all six releases on CD plus a seventh CD featuring all 14 tracks from the bonus 45s. The seventh CD of Bonus material is available only as part of the subscription!


-- The Deluxe Subscription includes both the LP and CD formats of the subscription, and all of the bonus 45s and bonus CD, for $40 less than buying each separately.

Between 1962 and 1971, the One-derful! family of labels released 180+ 45s of stunning soul, funk, and gospel. We have spent two painstaking years of research and work, including countless hours spent cataloging, transferring, and mastering 250 of the label's tapes, to put together an amazingly extensive reissue collection. In addition, some of the world's leading experts have contributed liner notes and interviewed virtually every known surviving artist, producer, and otherwise involved party. These compilations bring forth a wealth of overlooked and never before heard recordings and history.


Central to One-derful! is the Leaner family. By 1962 when brothers George and Ernie Leaner started One-derful! Records, they were revered figures on Chicago's Record Row and beyond. They distributed material from labels like Motown and Stax and One-derful! attracted top talent. It wasn't uncommon for a WVON DJ to help One-derful! sign their newest discovery, or for their singers, musicians, songwriters, or producers to have Chess or Motown on their resumes. Nearly 20 years prior, George and Ernie started work at their sister's Groove Record Shop. Before long, George was an assistant to legendary blues producer Lester Melrose, and later the brothers helped run Parkway Records – recording historic 78s featuring Little Walter and Muddy Waters. They did all of this before launching United Record Distributors in 1950 – regarded as the nation's first black owned record distributor. In addition, their uncle Al Benson was the most influential Radio DJ on Chicago's South Side at the time. His on-air support and occasional partnerships with the Chess brothers proved crucial to their early success. He also helped many DJs get their start, including Vivian Carter who later formed Vee-Jay Records. In fact, United Record Distributors hosted her wedding. The Leaner name also turns up in connection with many of the greats in blues and soul: George Leaner produced an early release for Berry Gordy's Tamla label, and in the 1970s Ernie Leaner and Stax's Al Bell partnered to form Ernie's Onestop and a chain of Record World stores. The Leaner family were among the most important black businessmen of music's golden era, yet much of their history has only been superficially documented until now.

Oct. 28, 2014

Bonus 45: Otis Clay
"Show Me What You Say" /
"Nothing To Look Forward To"

Jan. 27, 2015

Bonus 45: The Du-Ettes
"Every Beat of My Heart" / "Sugar Daddy"

March 31, 2015

Bonus 45: Willie Parker
"I've Got To Fight It" / "Let's Start A Thing"

*Delayed until October, 2015

Bonus 45: The Salem Travelers
"I Know It Was The Blood" /
"If You Miss Me From Singing"

*Delayed until January, 2016

Bonus 45: Bobby Mack
"You're A Habit To Me" / "For Your Precious Love"

Toddlin' Town
Delayed until March, 2016

Bonus 45: Simtec & Wylie
"Socking Soul Power" / "For Better or Worse"

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